everything was beautiful
  how to hang yourself
  i will never let go
  there is no gettting through
  when a person splits in 2 where does the old half go
  you're a book i'll never finish
  i should throw myself under a train
  when they emptied the sea
  strength is my weakness
  i am the last
  everyone will eventually leave you
  DISC 2
  nothing is different/arkansas
  how to bury yourself
  the safety in overglorifying the past
  the last time i left
  the hook through it
  the great barrier
  forget it. i give up. goodbye. i love you.

"Hope Was charts the difficult territory of love lost between hope and despair, somehow crafting an album of breathtakingbeauty from the soul-crushing horror of a relationship fallingapart before your eyes. Michael Plaster sings his incredibly honest, vulnerable lyrics in a voice so overcome with conflicting emotions -- loss, fear, regret, anger, but above all, love -- that you want to weep, and not stop until he and his lover are reunited. This two-disc, two-hour set is highly recommended for anyone who just couldn't bear to let a relationship go, no matter how painful it was to hang on; for anyone who has learned thehard way that when all hope is gone, the only thing that's left is hope. "

Dave Aftandilian, INK 19