the mineral tap was a side-project of soulwhirlingsomewhere, and was built-up from the remains of the band, Firecracker. Firecracker, formed in 1992, was Michael Plaster, Jason Farrell - who has since played drums on 'Hope Was' and for select soulwhirlingsomewhere live shows - and Tim Dever. The group made an impression in Phoenix's moody shoegazing scene between 1992 and 1994. After Firecracker broke-up in early '94, Michael and Jason continued to work on music together, writing songs as a simple guitar-and-drums two-man band.



Through sporadic sessions over the next year and a half, they eventually accrued a solid set of stripped- down acoustic songs (think "the Great Barrier" from Hope Was.) In 1996, Michael and Jason traveled to Livonia, Michigan, to record at Warren DeFever's (His Name Is Alive) studio. They had met Warren during their Firecracker days, and even played a show with His Name Is Alive in Phoenix in early '94. After Firecracker disbanded, Jason kept in touch with Warren. After hearing some rough demos, Warren offered them to come up to Livonia and record at his studio.



What resulted from the trip was four songs, totaling nearly 30 minutes, which became the mineral tap e.p., as it was never given an official title. The songs have sat, for the most part, gathering dust over the last nine years. recently, an upstart label contacted Michael about contributing a soulwhirlingsomewhere song to their new compilation CD. With the current soulwhirlingsomewhere album "Almost" being incomplete and more or less in a coma, Michael saw this as a great opportunity to finally let the mineral tap see the light of day.

"Minnesota" was the track that was submitted, and is a heavy piece of music clocking-in at nearly nine minutes. It appears on the Something Must Break compilation alongside a great collection of other artists, including IDAHO, and many great new bands in the vein of downbeat, acoustic, slowcore/sadcore, etc.

As for the rest of the mineral tap songs, the band would love to see them properly released, hopefully some time later this year. The recordings are old, and they would love to get the chance to remix and master them. But, currently the problem remains of getting the individual tracks transferred off their original tapes and into the computer where they can go to town on them. Hopefully, they'll get around to it in '05 and, whether as a formal release through a label, or simply burning 100 copies themselves and packaging them up nicely. After all they've gone through, these songs need to be heard.